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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hey guys!

News from Fakeicon! They released this amazing knickers called Juvel for N21 and it will be there until May 12th. It has materials enabled and they shine, oh they shine! It has a beautiful sparkle when you move the camera, it's just gorgeous! It's available for the ladies and also for Jake, wich is really awesome from a brand to have no gender boundaries in their creations ♥

Obviously I had to wear my Len$ glasses here! *insert fierce gif*

Hope you guys enjoyed the party and keep on dancing!



Tattoo: Speakeasy - Girl Boss Tattoo


Knickers: Fakeicon - Juvel Knickers - (New at N21)
Blazer: The Secret Store - Structured Blazer - Crow
Shoes: Rebel Galx Ec.cloth - Tamsin Thigh Boots


Choker: Lelutka - Link Choker (Gift at Mainstore)
Glasses: Len$ - 41 - Sunglasses - Black
Gloves: Celoe - Mery Gloves (they're old and I couldn't find them, sorry!)


Backdrop: Fakeicon - Rain-G Gacha - (New at The Epiphany) *RARE*

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